Merry Christmas!

(December 19, 2018)

With Christmas fast approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with family, friends, and loved ones. Be kind to each other. Especially yourself!

Turn Back Time

(November 03, 2018)

While I believe it once served a useful purpose, I currently believe this whole daylight savings thing has had its day. Regardless, be reminded it's time to turn your clock back an hour. Enjoy the extra sleep!

Happy Halloween!

(October 30, 2018)

For children and adults, Halloween can be a ton of fun. Some of the festivities often include fireworks. Please be reminded many of our fur babies are terrified at the noise made by the fireworks. I ask you keep this in mind while enjoying Halloween 2018. Have a great time and play safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(October 06, 2018)

Monday is Thanksgiving. Some will celebrate today. Others tomorrow. And obviously Monday. Some won’t celebrate at all. Life happens. And for many, holidays are a difficult time. For various reasons, many will be alone this weekend. Everyone is busy. Those alone can easily go unnoticed. They are the quiet ones. Being alone isn’t something someone would promote. My ask is this. Take a moment , pause... read more.

Happy Birthday Canada!

(June 30, 2018)

Canada turns 151 this July 1st. Whether you are celebrating our nations birthday our simply enjoying the long weekend with family and friends....enjoy whatever you are doing!